Where to get Bobble Heads Custom Made? (3 ways)


Where to get bobblehead custom-made? This is a great question, a bobblehead is a symbol of identification, brand recognition, a heart-touching gift, a logo, or you can use it as a memory item. Above all, bobbleheads are today very popular in families, communities, associations, sports, and a lot more throughout the globe.  

A fully customized bobblehead is composed of standard body size, high-quality material, and perfect base, equipped with accessories, and finally produced for a specific purpose, event, occasion, reward, recognition or love-exchanging events, etc.

Owing to the widespread use and ever-increasing popularity of bobbleheads, numerous manufacturers & companies are competing in making the product. There is an evenly big race in this trade, which provides you numerous options to contact with.

However, you can get a 100% customized bobblehead from the following companies, for better satisfaction with your need.

  1. Custom Bobbleheads Cheap

Cheap Bobbleheads, is a talk-of-town tech-advanced company, famous for customization of bobbleheads, in the categories of heroes, couples, body structure, job-oriented, and leisure, etc. The company established 10 years back has a state-of-art production process for worldwide customers. You can get a customized basketball bobblehead, with your photo & figures.

Cheap Bobbleheads Company ensures to provide distinctive, unique & customized bobbleheads for birthdays, educational events, and special occasions. You will choose the company, for their unparalleled & un-rivaled quality.

With its latest technology, the company doesn’t compromise on overall quality, including body structure alignment & beauty of the product. A team of highly skilled & experienced personnel and the trust of the clients are big assets of this company.

Cheap Bobbleheads has a motto of best 24/7 services, scheduled delivery of the product, though a fool-proof and highly equipped delivery system.

The company ensures the use of high-quality, extensively resilient & flexible polymer clay material, instead of plastic or any other damageable material.


  1. Gift of Dove: 

Gift of Dove, a Chengsai Company claims to make a “must surprise” bobblehead for you. The company is also proud to be a sculpture studio, which presents the latest custom designs. They specialize in personalized bobbleheads, with the support of their skilled artist’s team.

The company tends to keep on top of modern trends, by a constant search process for unique designs & special items. Their manufacturing process includes making exclusive series of new models relating to wedding and sports categories.

The corporate and annual party gifts, awards, and business promotion-related bobbleheads, are specifically produced by Gift of Dove.

The customers especially from North America and the whole world recognized the visionary model, “Giftofdove”, prepared by the company. The model was made funnier, by adding flexible custom elements in the diversified topics and hobbies. The company has gained enough customization space, by investing heavy funds in the collection of themes for diverse subjects of the society.

Gift of Dove relies upon a professional, dedicated team of designers, artists, customer-service experts and provides a comfortable working environment in the company.

The customized, high-quality products of bobbleheads manufactured by the company, are also secured. The company offers a guarantee for modification, alteration, and removal of angle errors to the client’s satisfaction. 

  1. “Abobblehead” Company: 

The company is in the manufacturing of bobbleheads, for the last 15 years. The Abobblehead, like many others, claims that they are a specialist in this industry. In the beginning, The Abobblehead has been producing custom products, for their agents only.

Now, from 2014 onwards the company has set up a retail sale corner, both at their outlet and through online selling, without the intervention of any agent.

The Abobblehead Company is producing custom bobbleheads, as priority manufacturing items. You can ask for their products, personalized single & couples, the wedding bobbleheads, sports items of single & multiples, company & group bobbleheads, animal items, and logos, etc.

The company customizes the product, strictly according to the picture, and idea given by the buyers. Although the company doesn’t claim to be, a big seller yet they specialize in producing vivid bobbleheads. They make each item, to the utmost resemblance of the model or picture given to the company.

The Abobblehead Company offers to show the in-process product to the buyers for their ultimate satisfaction, and making the proposed modifications, wherever required.  

The company offers free shipping services and a varying discount percentage to the sellers. Both, retail and wholesale buyers can avail of these options, depending upon the number of orders.

The Abobblehead Company firmly claims to take care of the weight, size, shape, quality of material & number of accessories, with timely delivery, strictly as per specifications/pictures provided by the buyers.

  1. Custom Bobblehead:

The Custom Bobblehead Company works online selling of their creative products. The company founded by a lady focuses on creating handmade, custom bobbleheads for all occasions. The founder is a qualified and skilled artist. She focuses on innovation & collecting new ideas from the society, public, and the institutions of all natures/kinds.

Therefore, The Custom Bobblehead Company makes their whole manufacturing for the custom products. In the present digital & 3D technological environment, different ecosystem prevails. The new, modernized system has enabled the people to inter-exchange the views & ideas or stories quite quickly.

The company is focused to make high-quality products, for each customer without any exception. The company claims that its bobbleheads are different from the other makers. They provide a wide range of options, in all categories and try to expand the selection scenario for the customers.

The company doesn’t confine itself to a certain limited category, in the making of bobbleheads. They have learned a lot in the specialized sports area, particularly in the all-famous, and crazy-loving games like, Basketball or American football & Saucer. Therefore, with the most innovative ideas, the company is focused to produce unconventional models which the buyer can proudly present to friends.

The highly-tech company, prioritizes its production on innovative, high quality, with the best material and 100% customer satisfaction.

The Custom Bobblehead Company, claims to have a regular research process for sports stars, ideal personalities, and most favorite players of all games. They keep themselves updated in the specialized, and most wanted categories of the bobbleheads products. They strive to create the customized product in the most innovative & modern way, to gain their popularity in the industry.

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