Why Custom Bobble Heads are The Best Souvenirs?


What is the history of bobbleheads, if we ignore it for a moment, modernization begins in the 18th century, from Germany? The dolls originated from the ancient Japanese & Chinese string model later were made of ceramics, papier-Mache & plastic. In the 1900s, a lot of changes were seen in the making of basketball bobbleheads, in New York playing field.

The bobbleheads have been manufactured with plastic & collectible materials in 1990 in San Francisco by a baseball team, as reintroduced give-away dolls. As of today, bobbleheads are usually made from solid plastic, poly-resin material covered with flocked layers. You may think that the dolls comprise of collectible material.

However, in 1920, sports-loving people showed interest in the nodders, as a replica of a NY Knicks basketball player. But the idea couldn’t stay longer than 1930, although few manufacturers kept preparing nodders in very limited numbers, just as a novelty item. Interestingly, they gained attention again and the producer companies started relabeling the product as bobbleheads.

Brief History of Bobbleheads:

The originality of making bobbleheads is not known to be in recent history. The story of bobbleheads starts in the 1700s when the Chinese items were documented in Europe and England. The evidence is seen in Buckingham Palace.

They were in the shape of nodding-head figures and were imported from China to Europe & America in very large quantities. The products gained a lot of attraction in England during the 18th & the 19th Centuries, where they were prominently displayed at significant places.

The widespread interest in the bobbleheads/shapes was observed during a violent display at the playing stadiums, and prominent buildings of the items in Europe & America. Moreover, the bobblehead dolls started to get projection in form of different characters in the stories.

In 1901, Germany was the country, where ceramic bobbleheads of animals were produced. After few years, the play-specific bobbleheads in different dresses started the making. Still, the bobbleheads were not popular in sports only. The demand for creating bobblehead items, relating to every walk of life was increasing.

However, by that time sports-related collectibles gained immense popularity, to the extent that gold-base basketball bobbleheads were introduced in the 1970s. Soon after the worldwide growing passion for collecting bobblehead items, the manufacturing processes were also rapidly progressed. Now, ceramic material was getting replaced by good quality plastic.

Then, a non-responsive period came, when people did not incline towards the models. However, the period could not continue for a long time. The ever-growing needs, changes of interest, and overall social characters took a new turn with the rapid growth of science & technology and fast- developing ways of communications.

The technological developments brought drastic behavioral changes. Social and inter-relational gatherings started reducing, so other ways of the give-and-take of the gift took place. Here, the small models of bobbleheads re-gained popularity.  

The bobbleheads now entered the era of large-scale production. They became the unique promotional items, especially in sports and widely in the most popular games, like football, saucer, base-ball & basketballs.

The creation of different types of bobbleheads in respect of size, quality, measurement, nature of the material, the focused personality or player or events, etc has created immense interest in the item. 

Custom Bobble Heads as Souvenir:

The custom-made bobbleheads carry the properties, for making them as presentable souvenirs.

  • You have to choose a right-sized, standard body. Suppose, the body trunk shouldn’t be bigger than the head. Alternative bodies are abundantly available.
  • A customized bobblehead depends mostly upon the base. The base must be unique so that the maker can repeatedly adjust it to achieve perfection in the body.
  • The choice of material is significant. Several manufacturers use plastic, as a material, whereas quality poly-resin material ensures customization of bobbleheads, i.e, strong, durable & rust-evading.
  • A custom bobblehead, looks attractive, by use of accessories like a cap, glass, beads used on the head.

You will agree that the little pieces of bobbleheads are now an important part of culture & society, which create fun & work as strong memorable. By presenting bobbleheads, you express your inner feelings, in a very impressive and unforgettable manner. The following qualities are attached when you use the bobbleheads as a souvenir or personal gift.

  • A customized bobblehead works as long-lasting memorable when you present the loved ones at a joyful occasion or the moment of grief.
  • Some occasions in the lives of friends & families bring a collection of gifts or presents, which look similar in so many ways. You have an idea of presenting a customized bobblehead in such a moment. You will stand unique & different from others while presenting a little bobblehead, specially prepared for the occasion.
  • Gifts work as cementing the relationships. So, a unique bobblehead will be a payback item, all the way.
  • Why not, use a custom bobblehead as a reward souvenir. You will feel prouder, when your Boss presents a rewarding item, in the shape of a little bobblehead, & explain your success story in front of other colleagues. You’ll remember it.
  • Yes, the companies are using bobbleheads as giveaways, to increase their sales and invite customers, during an era of the Worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Marketing in so many ways is always necessary for sales & particularly in your branding campaigns. Make a personalized form, meaningful & funny bobbleheads to boost up your brand. It would make a solid impact and gain success, surely.

funny man on the toilet custom bobblehead

As far as businesses are concerned, the bobbleheads in form of souvenirs, increase tremendous awareness among the stakeholders, in addition to much-required brand recognition. The bobblehead items have become the main source to raise funds and stay on top, with the customers, employees, donors & partners.


The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame & Museum has introduced the bobbleheads for all the teams, which will be accordingly utilized as souvenirs.


The bobbleheads are used for the promotion of a group or special ticketing, which can enhance the sales, other than to work as just a memory. In this way, you can attract fans.


The manufactures of bobbleheads market their product with schools of all grades and colleges. The educational institutions use particularly made bobbleheads, to raise funding. For use at these organizations, different sizes of bobbleheads are prepared which work for multiple ideas and gather the interest of the donors, children, students and their parents, and different affiliates.

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