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custom bobbleheads review
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What is a bobble head and how does it work?

What is a bobble head and how does it work?

A bobblehead, also known as a nodder, is a type of collectible doll with a shaking head. Its head is connected to the neck by a spring so that the head will shake after a light tap. Modern personalized bobbleheads are very different from bobblehead dolls from decades ago. Bobbleheads have been in fashion since the early 18th Century. It is no wonder that they’ve stuck around for so long. In our modern times, it is a very common gift. Whether you want it as your favorite football player, your favorite Marvel or DC character, or a customized one for yourself, and your loved one. We come to the rescue and provide all this.

How do custom bobbleheads work?

Custom bobbleheads are now one of the most popular options associated with them, they are forever collectibles bobble heads. These personalized bobbleheads will cost $69 or more because they are 100% hand-made by Chinese bobblehead artists. Enabling people to personalize their bobbleheads to their likeness soon made this kind of bobblehead more and more popular among bobblehead collectors. 

Personalized bobblehead has been changing in the past 3 years. At the beginning, a bobble head doll that looked like a human was customized for people only as a gift. But now, more versions of bobblehead dolls are created, such as custom anime bobbleheads, customized mini bobbleheads with keychains.

In 2023, people are looking for the best custom bobbleheads, for those who want to make a bobblehead of themselves, cheap bobbleheads is the best custom bobbleheads maker in the industry, we will make super cute bobblehead that look like you. 

Best Custom Bobbleheads - Cheap bobbleheads

3 Steps to Make Your Own Bobblehead
Custom bobbleheads are one-of-a-kind bobblehead dolls made of high-quality polymer clay, which were first invented in China. Usually, only bobblehead artists who have been sculpting for more than 5 years have the qualification to make these dolls. This is one of the reasons why our personalized bobbleheads are so high quality. In our store, you can easily make your own bobbleheads in 3 steps.

Step 1 : Choose Your Custom Bobbleheads Body Style

Option One: Start with a standard body bobblehead (you only need one photo of your head to get started, and the body is the same as the option you choose)
Option Two: Choose a fully customized bobblehead (head to toe personalized bobblehead)

This step is very important, and you should ensure you upload a clear picture of the person you want to make a bobblehead for. It can be a picture of you, your friend, or anybody else, as long as it is the picture of the person that the bobblehead is being customized for. The picture has to be large, bold, and clear, and the edges must be tidy. Providing a high-quality image will give our bobblehead artists an idea of how to customize the bobblehead perfectly. The artist may ask you to submit several pictures of the same face, and this is necessary to create the best possible model.

Step 2 : Our Bobblehead Artist Will Make Your Bobbleheads

The bobblehead artist will now make your bobblehead according to your photos. All of our artists have at least 10 years of sculpting experience. They will create the detailed results that you expect, and we guarantee that the bobblehead will look just like the image you submitted. Since it is 100% handmade, this process will take a week or two.

Step 3 : Confirm the Proof

After the proof is made, we will send an image of the work-in-progress to the customer, which you will need to confirm in 24 hours. We show the proof to the customer to receive the customer's permission to go ahead with the work and allow the customer to ask for some adjustments to the image mold if he or she is not satisfied with it. It is worth mentioning that to ensure you are 100% satisfied, you have the opportunity to make numerous changes, but the delivery time will also be extended.

Why Choose our Unique Custom Bobbleheads?

Unlike 95% of custom bobblehead makers out there, we've been using Polymer Clay for our 100% hand-made bobbleheads since 2010. Traditional bobblehead sellers use fragile and low-quality resin plus machine-made molds to “produce” your bobbleheads because they do not have any experienced bobblehead artists. Our bobblehead craftsmanship relies heavily on humans rather than a machine. They cannot be mass-produced, so there are no pre-made body bobbleheads, and all standard body bobbleheads on our website are just for reference. After you place an order, we will create your custom bobblehead from top to bottom, even when you choose standard body bobbleheads. All of our bobblehead artists have their own sculpting skills. Do you know how many bobblehead artists are needed to make a bobblehead? At least four! Each bobblehead artist is responsible for a separate part of the process, such as making the head, making the body, painting, baking, etc. This is why a strict and orderly sculpting process is one of the most important ways to maintain our bobblehead's overall quality.

Custom Bobbleheads made of Polymer Clay

Custom Bobbleheads made of Polymer Clay


    The Best Likeness
    Unlimited Proofing
    More Durable
    Unlimited body style
    100% Hand-made
    Premium Material
    Brighter in color
    Smoother in touch


    Can't be repaint
    More expensive
    No pre-made body

Custom Bobbleheads made of Resin

Custom Bobbleheads made of Resin


    More Cheaper
    Can be repaint
    Pre-made body


  Low-cost Material
  Machine produced
    Limited body style
    Darker in color

FAQs About Bobblehead

Are your custom bobbleheads the cheapest? sells custom bobbleheads cheaper than other bobblehead maker because we offer 7% and free shipping for all orders! You will save at least $20 when you place an order, shop now!

What does your company offer that’s different from everyone else? cares about customer service more than anyone else in the industry. We have tried to do everything to create the best customer service experience for our clients. We offer the best service when it comes to helping customers place orders or confirm proofs and delivery. Even during the gift box design process, we offer excellent attention to detail.

How long does it take to make a bobblehead?

It will take about 7 days to make a customized bobblehead. But usually, we will send you the proofs for review within 2 days. After this, please allow 7-15 days for standard shipping.

How much does it cost to make a bobblehead?

Usually, it will cost $69 to $120 for a single customized bobblehead. This cost will vary depending on the options you select, such as the size of the bobblehead, the head option for the bobblehead, and the shipping method you choose.

Can I make a bobblehead of myself ?

Sure, you can make a personalized bobblehead to match your photo if you can't find a standard body to meet your needs. Please choose from our fully customized bobblehead collection and upload your photo, and we will make a bobblehead to match your image.

How can I pay for my order ?

We currently accept PayPal, Visa, AE, and MasterCard.

What shipping options do you offer?

We will ship your package through DHL, FedEx, and 4PX. The shipping time is 7 to 15 days.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Sure, we accept bulk orders, and we will offer 5% - 20% off for orders with over 4 items.

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