Shipping FAQs

Package was lost:

This sometimes happens, but we will try our best to figure out what is the reason for the loss of the package, and provide customers with a full refund as soon as possible.

Shipping delayed for more than 7 days:

Affected by many factors, such as logistics peaks and the COVID-19 pandemic, sometimes the parcel will be delayed by 5-8 days, please be patient, thank you for your understanding. In case the package was delayed for more than 7 days, we’ll refund all shipping fees for the customer.

Delivery Failed:

Customers left wrong shipping information will cause delivery failure, in case you realized that any wrong information could be used, please contact us and provide the right information in time. Generally we will contact the customer when delivery failed. If the package is eventually returned or destroyed due to incorrect information, the customer should be responsible for this, so we will not refund this.


My Bobblehead was damaged

Please take a photo of the damaged part and send it to in 48 hours after the package was delivered.

For Minor damage

For cracks, or partly peeled off, we recommend using glue to paste it. We are sorry for the damage, you can get a partial refund or return it for fixing, we’ll pay for the shipping cost, but this will take a month longer. We recommend you choose a 10% partial refund, please provide your PayPal account when contacting us, and we will refund you 10% as compensation.

For Completely Damage

The customer has the right to choose remake bobblehead or get a full refund. We’ll remake the bobblehead and offer free shipping.


Received the wrong item

We can say this proudly that we have never shipped the wrong item, but in case this happens, please send the wrong item back to us, and we’ll ship the right one soon.


For wrong text or skin/hair color

Please note: The skin tone of our bobbleheads will become darker after baking. We recommend you choose a specific skin/hair color when placing an order. We will charge 30 USD for any hair color or skin color change when a proof has been made.

In case you received a bobblehead with wrong skin/hair color, please check whether you’ve chosen the wrong color when placing an order. If not, we will refund 10% for the wrong skin/hair color. You can also return it back to our workshop.

Important Tips

Please contact us if you have any question, check your spam folder carefully in case you missed our messages. We can refund you in 24 hours. If you contact the credit card company or PayPal, sometimes you won't get the money back, or you will get the money in up to 4 months since the bank need time to collect information.