Top 10 Most Popular Basketball Bobble Heads in the World:


The popularity of bobbleheads depends upon both their model and the quality & uniqueness of the item. We know that today, most of the bobbleheads, are the replica of well-known or favorite sports personalities.

The manufacturers are using modern technology and strong, flexible material to make bobbleheads, further equipped with touchy accessories. New designs, styles with changing development in almost all sports, and the introduction of new players all count in the making of sports bobbleheads.

On the other hand, sports figures having known for their tremendous individual performances rapidly gain fame, in their country as well as in the world. This makes a great attraction for game-lovers, and the bobblehead makers get new opportunities to create a product in the new style.

If you want to know the popularity level of bobbleheads, consider these factors.

  • Ensure the authenticity of the bobblehead & the reputation of the manufacturer, in the market.
  • Check the rightness of price, whether it is appropriate as per design & quality of the product.
  • Also see, that its value is based on ambitions or otherwise. Gauge your motivational level & then make a decision.
  • Make sure, you choose an NBA bobblehead, of your most favorable player.

The popularity of Bobbleheads:

We can’t count the number, types, styles, and categories of bobbleheads, in any market. We also can’t easily ascertain the popularity graph of bobbleheads. All the categories have their popularity principles. The most attractive categories for the collection of bobbleheads may include Sports, Celebrities, Teams, Educational Institutions, Business Companies, Organizations, and Arts related personalities.

The bobbleheads are the action figures and they must reflect the specific figure, in a perfect stance, the buyer needs.

Sports fans always look to find out the beautifully crafted bobbleheads of their Teams & Star Players. No doubt, Basketball, American football & Baseball are the most commonly played & liked sports in the USA.

The bobblehead collectors, stay focused to buy their targeted items, which keeps on changing from time to time, related to an extremely outstanding individual or team performance.

At the time, the’ NCCA College Basketball National Champions Mascot Bobbleheads”, became widely popular when the team won NCCA Men’s Championship. The particular bobblehead was made for the Hall of Fame Museum but it captured country-wide fame.  

Most of the time, bobblehead lovers commonly collect the nodding head bobbleheads. This is considered to be a common liking factor, besides the quality of material used, size, and resemblance with the actual figure, with color and number of accessories used.  

Typically, the customized bobbleheads are more popular in all categories. The bobblehead collectors have gained a visionary approach of selecting their favorite models, in the present high-tech manufacturing era.

Now, the actions of basketball stars are noted by their fans at every different step of games. If you love one typical stance I would choose the other. Similarly, many individual actions touch the hearts of the fans from different angles. Now, imagine the increasing number of stances, which people would like to have a bobblehead in all these styles.

Another important factor is a too-quick change in gaining & losing the popularity of one item and in different stances. This creates immense options for the product manufacturers, to make and offer maximum variety at their sale points.

Popular Basketball Bobbleheads:

female basketball bobblehead

Bobbleheads work as collectible models, to keep your most favorite characters remember for a long time. Such characters are role models for you and satisfy your faith, as well as to follow them in your career of any kind.

Perhaps the best collectibles for lovers of basketball, are NBA bobbleheads. You will see, all big stars have various bobbleheads. Some of the most popular ones are listed here:

Stephen Curry Bobblehead: (

Stephen Curry, a Golden State Warrior NBA, is one o the greatest shooter. His game standard and popularity went across the globe. So, the Stephen curry & star players of Golden State Warriors bobbleheads captured great value in collectibles.

Giannis Antetokounmpo Bobblehead – Milwaukee Bucks FOCO Scoreboard:

The Giannis Antetokounmpo  bobblehead, is now a top seller, since winning NBA Championship. The dominating game display by him made the fans electrified. It gave high value to the bobblehead.

Jayson Tatum Bobblehead – Boston Celtics FOCO Scoreboard:

A bobblehead of young stars is the best and most favorable at the moment. Jayson Tatum has displayed the sky-high potential of the game, very quickly becoming a star. In 2021, you will find very limited stock of the bobblehead.

LeBron Jammes Bobblehead – Lakers FOCO Scoreboard:

It isn’t ignorable, as became a top seller, since winning the 4th NBA championship. LeBron will be a hot sale in the market.

Blake Griffin Bobblehead – Detroit Pistons Stadium Lights

Blake Griffin is famous for his athleticism and is one of the best dunkers. In the last stage of their career, he may never be forgotten for his thunderous slams.

New Orleans Pelicans Zion Williamson – NBA Bobblehead

Zion William is number one in 2019, with tremendous style. The product value will keep on increasing with the progress of Zion William. A bobblehead is a must to include in your collection.

Khris Middleton Milwaukee Bucks, the NBA 2021 Finals Champions:

The bobbleheads, memorabilia, and collectible items must be a part of your collection. It was an unforgettable moment for Milwaukee Bucks fans, so keep its bobblehead for years to come.


A nation bobblehead is very popular in basketball items, with Team Color. The model is from NBA. The team is, Cleveland cavaliers.

Measurement is 8.5 inches. The backdrop features are the team logo.

LeBron James:

The toy is action figure type. The brand is POP & product dimension is 2.5 x 2.5 x 3.75 inches, LWH. The base stand is 3+ inches. Perfect item for La Laker fans.

Dallas Mavericks – Luka Doncic

It is a POP brand, bobblehead, made of Vinyl material and the collection name is, Funko POP Basketball. The team is Dallas Maverick. It is a Figurine product type, with Vietnam as the country of origin

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