Frequently Asked Questions about Custom Bobbleheads

  • What is the time frame for the delivery of my customized bobblehead?

Total turn around time = Produce time + Shipping time

It will take 6 to 10 working days to make a customized bobblehead. The delivery is depending on the delivery method you pay for. For standard shipping, the shipping time might be 7-15 days, total turnaround time is 13-25 days. For expedited shipping, the shipping time would be 7-10 days, total turnaround time is 13-20 days.  Also note that during public holidays, the delivery time might be extended. For more information, please check out our shipping policy.

  • Can I request for any adjustments on my customized bobbleheads?

Yes, you can request any changes to your customized bobbleheads. Perfection is what we are striving for, so if you feel like the bobblehead is not resembling the picture of the person, you can always ask for changes at no cost, and we will re-do it for you.

  • Can I know the size of my bobbleheads?

Yes, you can know the size of the customized bobblehead we are going to make for you, but you have to keep it in mind that there are standard sizes for a bobblehead, and it is between 6 and 8 inches. So if you have particular inches you want us to adhere to, you will have to choose between the required bobblehead standard sizes. All our bobbleheads are custom-made and 100% artistically handcrafted, there is likely to be a small variation in its sizes. You can always contact our customer care office if there is a need for you to make some size adjustments.

  • What about the weight of the customized bobblehead?

The weight of your customized bobblehead is depending on the type of bobblehead you want us to make for you, i.e. whether you want your bobblehead to be single or double. Put it in mind that the weight of your bobblehead may be affected by the kind of accessories you want to attach to it, accessories such as car accessories or natural accessories depending on the weight. The standard weight of a bobblehead is 600g (approximately 17.5oz). When a single bobblehead is packed, its weight is close to 700g and for two (2) bobbleheads the weight will be about 1400g.

  • What are the materials you are using to make bobbleheads?

To make your customized bobbleheads more real and original, at, we make use of polymer clay of high-quality non-harmful polymer clay and material that is transformable in case of any slight adjustment.

  • What is the number of pictures I need to send?

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can send. It is preferably you send as many pictures as possible, just try to make sure that the pictures are clear, not wrinkled or damaged. The picture must bear the resemblance of the person you want to customize the bobblehead for, a clear picture will make our jobs much easier. If you have any pictures or additional ones you would like to send to us, please contact us on our social media handles or email us, we will respond as soon as possible.

  • Can I ask for additional changes to be made to my bobbleheads?

Yes, you can always make additional changes or adjustments, what makes us stand out from other bobblehead companies is our ability to be flexible and accommodate any of your requests, and we will still ensure that we deliver on time. If you have any other request for adjustments that you want to add to your customized bobblehead, contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • Can I make changes to the pose of my Customized Bobblehead?

For all full customized bobblehead, if you want to make slight or big changes to the posture of your bobblehead, it is possible. We allow 3 days for changes to posture or structure of your bobblehead, after the 3 days we will charge a small fee. If you want to make any changes, make sure you do it as soon as possible to make the work of the artist much faster and easier.

  • Will I be able to change the face picture of my customized bobblehead?

There is always a grace of 72 hours after placing your customized bobblehead order that you can change. After the 72 hours, we will charge a small fee or no fee, depending on how far the artist has worked on your bobblehead. You have to be aware that the reason why we are charging an additional fee is that the artist will have to start from scratch and remake the face of the bobblehead. The face of the bobblehead is one of the most important parts of a customized bobblehead, professional expertise and efficiency are needed in this area.

  • Can I add any accessories to my customized bobblehead?

Yes, you can add any accessories, some of our clients in the past few years have added accessories such as books (fiction and non-fiction), glasses and caps. Sometimes we add accessories for free with your permission. There are charges for big accessories such as animal pets, violin, etc.

  • What type of Method of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal, Visa or debit cards, Western Union money transfer (for our international clients) and we also accept bitcoin. Our method of payments is cheaper and faster with little or no charges depending on your country.

  • Can I ask for a refund or exchange if I don’t like the bobblehead I received?

No, we don’t accept any refund or exchange once the product has been approved by you. But we can remake it or make a partial refund if the product is damaged.

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