[Ultimate Guide] 6 Tips to Get Your Unique Bobblehead

Bobble heads are imaginative idea used to make creative gifts to represent men and women, company’s brand, pets, and more.


With the advances in technology, imaginations have equally gone high, and today, you can find different types of custom bobbleheads like the sports bobbleheads, couple bobbleheads, bridesmaids bobbleheads, family, costume, pet and so on.


Here are the tips to follow to ensure that you don’t know how to make a bobblehead and the customized bobblehead you’re gifting a friend is highly effective.


Body Type


There are two categories of bobblehead bodies to choose from – fully customized body and standard customized body. Fully customized bobblehead means a new bobblehead in which you will have to design and style from scratch till end. That is, it’s styled exactly how you want it from head to toe.


Whereas for the standard bobblehead, it’s based on a specific model like a healthcare professional, baseball player, nurse, and many more.

Photographer Bobblehead

Consider Accessories Or Things


There are features to incorporate into your bobblehead that will surely make them unique depending on what you need it for.


You can tell the sculptor that you want a bobblehead with tattoos, handheld objects or hat on its head and even necklace or trademarks, just anything to make it fit for use.


But be careful to select and use the right accessories. Meaning you should pick something that will conform to what you need in your personalized bobblehead. Also, know that most of these will result in additional charges.


Custom Bobblehead Action


Many custom bobblehead vendors are everywhere nowadays operating as e-commerce companies. Their targets seem to be first time buyers who they will scam.


These shady dealers have no physical store nor location but will charge you extra for easy designs that could be incorporated into the full body.


Activities of these irresponsible dealers are the main reason why you have to prove the process of work done on your custom bobblehead, to ascertain the quality of material used.


Material Used


Quality custom bobblehead is made from a lasting material known as polyresin and vivid color polymer clay. Polyresin material has an effective characteristic that will enable the sculptor to finish with a high level of design and proper detailing.


While polymer clay makes it possible for the finished customized product designs to show clearly, both materials are suitable, but polyresin remains an industry-standard when it comes to customizing quality bobbleheads.


Although some industries prefer to use polymer bonded clay because it has a shorter processing time, and equally cheaper than polyresin but very fragile, so the choice is yours to make.


Also, endeavor to ask for the process or materials used to make your custom bobblehead to ensure you’re getting the quality you paid for.


Select The Base


Here, the base means where the custom bobblehead stands. You can decide to have your bobblehead on a larger plate or a custom base like a bike, car, quotes, text, animal, and many more.


But have in mind that you will have to pay more and pricing depends on the level of base customization.


Interestingly, it allows you to make your present or gift very creative when giving it out to that special person or for business use.


Proofing Process


Proofing means that a customer can decide to approve, reject, and request changes to his/her custom bobblehead.


However, some companies ask for an extra fee during proofing while others add it to the initial charge both of you agreed on. Ways of proofing a custom bobblehead differ from company to company.


One company might offer unlimited proofing while the other agree for only one. So when arranging with a company to customize your bobblehead, ensure you detail down your requirements, including proofing process.

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