Top 6 Fun Things to Do With Bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads are ideal personalized gifts for comic fans and also loads of fun when you wish to create a tiny bit of humor on friends, family, and teachers for laughter.

There are so many fun things to do with a bobblehead, but here are few of them:


Cover the desks


Student or pupil can create their custom bobbleheads using an outfit their teacher’s wear frequently as a model. Get a teacher friend or two and plead to allow you and your classmates hide in the classroom while your class teacher goes in.


Customize the bobbleheads and set them up on each and everyone’s desk, ensuring that the bobbleheads dress exactly like the teacher you want to prank. Tell one of the teachers to house you, while you let your second teacher friend call the teacher you wish to prank away.


Leave notebooks, pencils and tape pencils to the hands of the bobbleheads to make it look extremely comic. You can mount a camera to record your teacher’s reaction and also to help you watch a replay of it later. Then make him walk in.


Birthday gift


Besides, If you have a friend who likes music, preferably rock n’ roll, you can make a custom bobblehead birthday gift for him. Make a guitar man bobble with his face moving atop.


Design it in the form of a classic man in white and black striped long sleeve, holding and playing guitar with bear feet. Such a gift for your friend will be cool enough to rock his favorite song on his birthday.


Lunch Break


Pull a prank on your employee who likes to slack. Tell him that he’s being called to an emergency meeting during lunch break.


Organize several custom bobbleheads, especially of those in a supervisory position. Take up the bobbleheads and place them where the supervisors usually sit during a meeting, then let the slacker go to the room.





Use it at work to create humor. Take your custom bobbleheads and place it on co-worker’s desk, preferably your manager or supervisor’s desk.


When you sight the manager walking in, ignore him (if he didn’t assign any work to you or if he didn’t speak to you directly). But if he does, say – I’m right on it sir to the bobblehead.


Do it with all seriousness, like normal you and your boss kind of usual way of attending to each other. You can even give the bobblehead a cup of coffee at hand to add more humor.



You can as well make a custom bobblehead as an appreciation to a friend who loves to sing. Take up her picture and use it to make a personalized singing girl bobblehead that matches and resembles her lovely face.


Let it appear like a girl joyfully singing on her stage debut. Give it details of a girl tapping her leg with microphone delicately at hand. I bet she would be amazed.




Use custom bobblehead to give your teacher a present for teacher appreciation day. Take a custom bobblehead and place it on the teacher’s podium where he sits at the front of the class. Dress it appropriately before setting it up.


When he enters, have everyone pretend as if nothing is going on. Let everyone pretend they’re taking notes, and leave him alone with his thought; that way, the prank will be more amusing.


Most importantly, have in mind that all these are just for fun and nothing to be too serious about. So it shouldn’t be malicious. Don’t try to hurt anyone while devising a prank to pull with custom bobbleheads. It’s also advisable to pull such humor on people that are less prone to anger.

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