Fully Customized Bobbleheads

What are fully customized bobbleheads?

A fully customized bobblehead means that the bobblehead will be 100% customized from head to toe, which is one of the types of custom bobbleheads. We will assist you in making a fully customized bobblehead for any occasion such as a wedding, graduation ceremony, community gathering etc. We customized bobbleheads creatively and with finesse, we always try as much as possible to adhere to all your requirements. To do a fully customize bobbleheads for you at cheapbobbleheads.com we always ensure that we do our homework properly to ascertain how your bobblehead is going to come out in perfection.

How to make a fully customized bobblehead?

Firstly, we have to choose the right type of body to use for your bobblehead, there is a standard body size that you can choose from, and we are trying to avoid a scenario where the body trunk of the bobblehead will be bigger than the head. Don’t worry you have about 100% alternatives to select from to make you choose the right body type.

Secondly, the base is an important part of a customized bobblehead, there is a standardized base of a custom base that you can choose from. There is a small fee for that will be charged for the base, but it is unique, and it provides room for the artist to be able to adjust your proofing to perfection.

Thirdly, choosing the right material for a customized bobblehead is important as to choosing what we want to have for breakfast. Some bobblehead companies make use of plastic as their material, but we at cheapbobbleheads.com makes use of high-quality poly resin material. This material makes it easier for the bobblehead to be customized, it makes it strong, durable and unlikely to rust.

Finally, full consideration is given to the accessories, these are not necessary, they are just additional material that can make your bobblehead more beautiful and attractive. Most people use accessories such as glasses, caps or bead necklaces on their customized bobbleheads. You can also include logos among your accessories depending on your financial capacity.

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