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For a long time now, basketball bobbleheads have been crowning parties and even giveaways in the NBA. A couple of NBA fans would deem a crowning event boring with the sheer lack of these little knick-knacks. Let’s be honest, Bobbleheads are great, they’re enjoyable, they bring about realism, and importantly, they bring out entertainment and memories in a single package. But what are the best-curved bobbleheads in the NBA? Well, in today’s article, we’re going to rip the top 5 NBA player bobbleheads in existence. Buckle up. 

Ben Wallace 

“Ooh my God, that hair! ” If you love visiting NBA bobblehead museums, I bet you’ve probably heard this phrase more than a thousand times. But where did it originate from? Your guess is right as mine, Ben Wallace’s bobblehead. This bobblehead was designed by the Detroit Pistons in 2002 to commemorate his exemplary career and appearance in the all-star game. The bobblehead was sponsored by Ticket Master and the Detroit Free press. Although not everything can be designed just perfectly at times, this bobblehead speaks volumes in the NBA world. First things first, it speaks about equality between races and appreciates the quality of Big Ben in the game. But what else makes this bobblehead exemplary? It was designed amongst the limited copies at that time, which I’d say is a pure source of prestige and respect. The Ben Wallace bobblehead is a full-size bobblehead that is made of heavy resin. 

Bill Walton 

In the modern-day, Bill’s bobblehead can better be described as straight-edged due to its accuracy. To some bobblehead designers, Its cuts are a wonder and a mystery. The makers nailed almost every single feature on this legend’s face. Just from his crazy red hair to his masque beard. But what could be more fascinating? His retro uniform and the engravement of blazers running down one side. What else blends this

bobblehead? Its intention and the message that it was designed to send through. Bill has spent many years of his life in the NBA. Over time, he has nurtured a couple of talents and has turned things around to better the lives of other players as well. This bobblehead was designed as an appreciation for his 75-year spree in the NBA. It was also designed as an appreciation gesture to those that are partaking in the same roles in the NBA. 

Brad Miller 

However much you’re a big hater of the Sacramento Kings, you can’t deny Brad Miller’s bobblehead looks and beauty. Just from his headband on the head, his retro jersey down to its legs, Brad Miller’s bobblehead is designed with great precision which even makes it look more stellar. But what brings him onto this list? Its purpose. Brad Miller was awarded this beautiful bobblehead for his undeniably good career in 2005. This bobblehead was also designed differently compared to others to encourage more and more players to focus on their careers and bring out the best in them. Notably, Brad miller’s bobblehead is a limited edition that comes with a display stand. This means that it can be transported with much ease and with a few safety concerns. Isn’t that cool enough? Things could be better, Brad Miller’s bobblehead comes with the original factory box, and guess what? If you’re a Sacramento Kings fan, it will help you scream out your ardent support for them and will enable you to blend with them effortlessly. 

Dikembe Mutombo 

In the world of bobbleheads, Dikembe Mutombo’s bobblehead is just a shocker. Like, how could someone get so perfect in carving out such a bobblehead? Dikembe’s bobblehead is just a loud art that brings it onto this list. Here’s why It focuses on a stretched-out finger, which brings back memories of Dikembe wagging out his finger after throwing a shot into the third row. The makers of this bobblehead not only focused on commemoration of that event, but also designed a way that can be used to commemorate and relive the event. Besides being a hallmark in NBA bobbleheads,

Dikembe’s bobblehead can be a realistic simulation to the Houston Rocket fans because it commemorates their legend and also acts as a source of identity through its retro jersey engraved on it. 

Larry Bird 

They say that the biggest fan must be appreciated and rewarded hugely, and the Larry Bird bobblehead has stuck with this adage with huge exactitude. Larry Bird bobblehead rests on Boston Celtics 36 and is placed on top of a base. But what makes it so exceptional? It’s super-sized and has the Celtics team name and logo on the top border of the base to clearly show the team it’s rooting for and a spectacular front name display which is exceptionally admirable too. Even though It may lack the common signature mustache, It comes with an exceptionally huge size of 36 inches, which is exceptionally a huge size for a bobblehead. But what else could be making a hallmark in the NBA? Unlike other common bobbleheads, the Ladybird bobblehead is not placed inside a box. Secondly, its stats are placed on the box for easy recognition, which includes 38 rebounds in a single game that was achieved by a basketball legend. 


We ought to recognize nice pieces of art in bobbleheads especially in the sports and athletics sector as they play a vital role in the recognition of players’ hard work and achievements in great competitions such as the NBA.

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