Things You Shouldn’t Do with Bobbleheads

With their nodding heads and wobbling necks, bobbleheads are an agreeable companion in events and even within our houses. But, come to think about it, don’t we misuse them at times? But now, how should we ensure maximum protection and correct usage of these little knick-knacks? Buckle up, in today’s article we’re going to discuss  8 things that you shouldn’t do with bobbleheads.

Do not modify and swap bobbleheads

Do not modify and swap bobbleheads

Let’s be honest, at times our preferences change, and we often feel that we need new legend’s bobbleheads besides what we already have. Such preference swaps may even tempt us to blend our existing bobbleheads into something that we want, which is not utterly correct. Bobbleheads should not be swapped under any circumstance because continuous swapping consequently leads to culture loss and the outstanding respect we have towards them. Blending preexisting bobbleheads with something else also flashes down history, thrashes down the meaning, and even writes away history.

Modifying customized bobbleheads to new heroes is a sign of disrespect too and may lead to broken companionship. Just imagine a scenario whereby you award someone their customized bobbleheads, and they transform them into something else. Doesn’t that imply that someone doesn’t revere you? Doesn’t it silently imply that I took your bobblehead gift for granted?  Service to say, just don’t re-do gifted bobbleheads. 

Do not compare bobbleheads decisively 

I know, bobbleheads represent legends in different fields who probably had more success than others, but comparing such attributes with these little gimmicks is a pure fuss and disrespect and injustice to yourself. Come on Jack, have a positive mentality and be appreciative. To be brutally honest, Comparison spoils the fun, and worse still, it drives us to overlook the good roles they’re meant to play. Besides, Being appreciative will fire you up to gather more and more customized bobbleheads and enjoy life in a fun way. 

Moreover, some people are emotionally attached to their bobbleheads, thus comparing customized bobbleheads may bring about arguments that shall cause heated debates and eventually wars. Wars?  Yes, You got that right.  For the sake of sanity, just avoid comparing bobbleheads. It’s demeaning!

Do not attach them to contentious issues.

We’re living in a very delicate world where we have a couple of emerging issues. Some are greatly debated. Therefore, leaning towards a certain group may lead to a loss of meaning, even with our customized bobbleheads.  Bobbleheads are meant to appreciate and not compete. Besides, bobbleheads are simply meant for the positive vibes and not our social inclinations or beliefs. To wrap it up, practices such as racial inclination, sexual inclination, and spiritual inclination should be avoided at all costs in designing someone’s bobblehead.

 Bobbleheads should stick to playing their role of “displaying printable language” .


Intellectual property 


Did you know some bobbleheads are protected by law? And, What does this mean? 

This simply means that you cannot reproduce the same designs without seeking permission, unless you love being behind bars.  In the bobblehead world, not every venture and design is open to everyone. Some bobblehead designs are protected by the national hall of fame Museum, which means they belong to certain groups of people.

But this does not mean you’re locked outside redesigning them because all you need is a nonexclusive license of usage of such bobblehead designs.

Warranty and Indemnity

Sometimes protecting denominational assets such as bobbleheads becomes a real hustle. At times, you could even lose them before even enduring them. But how about protecting them in the meantime while you’re looking for the appropriate insurance policy? Most bobbleheads come with warrants and Indemnity, which you ought not to throw away as soon as you have your product. Warrants such as entrants’ mascot designs show originality to a lost product and consequently show that you’re the exclusive owner and rights holder of the described bobbleheads which can help you get an easy compensation.  Therefore, if you require maximum protection, you ought to be very careful with the bobblehead receipts and serial numbers of the bobbleheads purchased.

Do not expose them to extreme conditions

However, strong-looking they are, they also have a breaking point. Yes, in the world of artifacts they look strong, but with proponents such as fire, they can get destroyed. Bobbleheads should at all costs be kept away from fire and should not be kept away at greater heights within a storage facility. Which calls for a question, why shorter heights? At greater heights, bobbleheads are likely to slip up or get toppled at a greater pressure, which may lead to breakages 

Do not dispose of them at your normal dump site 

Bobbleheads are baked using ceramics and are aligned at times using plastics. Well if you didn’t know Plastics are non-biodegradable which means they do not decompose easily as other materials and end up corrupting soil composition and hence pollution. To be decent enough, I’d advise recycling due to this reason and obviously because it will fetch you a few dollars too.


Over use 

The adage says too much of something is poisonous and with bobbleheads, I’m tempted to conform. Bobbleheads can easily bore you up. I mean, it’s something that doesn’t conform to modern times and worse still and something relatively cheap with so little worth.

If you outrageously have them at your disposal or interact with them, you’re likely to lose their significant importance.  Therefore, Bobbleheads should be revered, and importantly they should be used occasionally. This is because their importance is bound by the fact that they are used occasionally, and they are used as a gift.  Besides,  overusing them consequently leads to stereotyping of the bobbleheads which reduces their role in society. Stereotype brings about anachronisms that give birth to misconceptions about bobbleheads too.


To be honest with ourselves, It’s true and evident now that bobbleheads play a very vital role in our society. Just like photos, they help us cherish legends and form an indelible part of us. Therefore, we must have a collective responsibility on protecting them and correctly using them.

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