Top 10 Popular Custom Bobbleheads in the World

A bobblehead is a kind of collectible doll which is also known as a nodder or wobbler. There are numerous bobbleheads available in the World. But with so many categories in front of us, it has become quite difficult to choose the best bobbleheads so now Let’s have a look at the top 10 most popular custom bobbleheads in the whole World.


Custom Couple bobblehead:

custom couple bobblehead

One of the most popular bobbleheads is a couple bobblehead. If you want your gift to look most engaging and attractive in a wedding than a couple bobblehead will be great to gift the bride and groom. Apart from weddings these couple bobbleheads are perfect to gift any couple on their wedding anniversary. A couple bobblehead is not like any other gift, it is the most memorable gift for every couple. So don’t waste your time in selecting different gifts just go ahead and pick a favorite picture of the couple and customize it in your own dazzling style.


Custom Doctor bobblehead:

 Custom Doctor bobblehead

Medical work is a cherished career path. We all know that doctor’s day is celebrated worldwide and the most important thing to worry about is what should be given to our doctors on this fantastic day of their life. So a customized doctor bobblehead is a great gift for the doctor in your life. These doctors can be your friends, your relatives, your colleagues, or anyone but each one of them will be super happy to see the little mini statue of their own self in front of them.

Custom Photographer bobblehead:

Photographer custom bobblehead

Usually photographers are the ones who are behind the camera, but we should always honor them and be thankful to them for capturing our loving memories. If you are looking for a gift for a photography loving friend then you can’t go pass the bobbles team. Custom photographer bobbleheads are the perfect gift for your photographers or your photography loving friends.


Custom Graduation Bobblehead:

Custom Graduation Bobblehead

Still thinking about what gift should you bring to graduation to congratulate your friends wholeheartedly? No matter from which institution your loved ones have graduated from, a custom bobblehead makes a great graduation gift. It is suitable for both boys and girls. So why don’t you surprise them with this unique and adorable gift at their graduation? Your friends will be cherished to see their bachelor custom bobblehead.

Custom Beer man bobblehead:

Beer man bobblehead

Do you have any beer lovers around you? Or who doesn’t love beer? Everyone loves beer. Everyone loves to see themselves drunk. So if you are a beer lover then you can customize a drunk beer man bobblehead of yourself. Or if your friend is a beer lover then you can customize a bobblehead for him too. It’s not that you can only customize a drunk bobblehead of yourself, you can customize it in any other way like you or your friend is holding a beer glass, or drinking beer. You and your friend will absolutely love to see beer drinking statue customized in their likeness.


Custom Chef bobblehead:

Chef custom bobblehead

If you are a great cook or foodie, who so ever you are that doesn’t matter but if your dream is to become a great cook in future and if you love the smile that comes on peoples face after tasting your delicious food than a custom bobblehead of yourself as a cook would be great inspiration for you to continue your cooking skills and keep making people happy with your sizzling food.

If you are looking for the best gift for your favorite chefs, then this customized chef bobblehead would fit perfectly in.

Custom Dancer bobblehead:


For sure dancing is a great hobby. Some people are blessed with outclass dancing skills and If you are looking for a meaningful gift for your dancer friend or for your favorite dancer, then a custom dancer bobblehead sounds perfect for your dancers. This dancer bobblehead have been quite popular worldwide for so long. Make a mini dancing statue for your favorite dancers. It will always remind them of their passion for dancing. The bobblehead of dancers will encourage them to continue their passion and keep dancing with great zeal and zest forever.


Custom Construction worker bobblehead:

Construction Worker Bobblehead

Every occupation deserves to be appreciated and encouraged, so we must appreciate our construction workers too who work day and night with their heart and soul to fulfill our needs. They don’t leave any stone unturned to meet our requirements so make your construction worker feel special by giving them a custom bobblehead. These customized bobbleheads are one of the 10 most popular bobbleheads in the whole world because there are many people who love to appreciate their construction workers and embolden them to continue their great skills. A customized bobblehead of a construction worker is a memorable gift and it will always remind your worker of your great love and appreciation for him.


Custom Drummer bobblehead:

Drummer custom bobblehead

A drummer is the most essential part of any band, although he is behind the singers and guitarists but that doesn’t mean he is the least essential person in the band. He is very important because all the beats of the music depends on his drum. Drumbeats make the music rock so if there would be no drum beats then there will be no excitement and fun in listening to the music.  And these drumbeats are not game to play, these drumbeats can only be handled by professional drummers. So why don’t you gift your favorite drummer with the coolest gift, a custom drummer bobblehead? Yes this customized drummer bobblehead will always remind him of his love for playing drums.


Custom Cowboy bobblehead:

Cowboy Bobblehead

Cowboy is a person who tends cattle. He is very important especially in North America because the history of cowboys has deep roots in North America. Ranching was a big industry and cowboys helped to run the ranches. That’s why cowboy custom bobbleheads are also among the top 10 popular bobbleheads in the whole World because as he is a legend, so most people find custom cowboy bobbleheads an ideal gift for cowboys. So what are you thinking about? Grab the picture of your favorite cowboy and get a bobblehead customized for him now.

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