Promoting Your Business with Hand Made Bobble Heads

Advances in technology have provided ways to boosts sales and increase revenue. Customizing handmade bobbleheads for promoting your business is a secret marketing weapon idea.


Hand made bobblehead are one of the best promotional tools in the marketplace today; regardless of the business strategy at your disposal, a personalized handmade doll is an exciting and imaginative approach to advance your business in today’s ever-increasing competition.

baseball bobblehead

Infect, professional sports like the Detroit Tigers baseball team, use handmade bobblehead to promote ticket sales, and many other businesses owed their success story to the use of the personalized doll. You can do the same; let’s see how:


How to create your custom business bobblehead


Having a business means you’ve taken some time to build a brand carefully and have equally convinced your customers to form an emotional connection with your product.


Aside the basic elements of your brand, such as the slogan, brand name and so on, and even the way you reward your loyal customers with gifts, how often you change your product, and how slow or fast in takes you to deliver to customers or to produce goods, now that the image you display to your customers matters.


Do you know that your target audience needs something engaging to lure them in, which a display image suits best? If you already have a brand logo, preferably a mascot, then you can use it as a model for the brand by sculpting it.


Big companies like Fanta, McDonald’s, KFC, Taco Bell, Roche, and more, used it as a method of promoting their businesses.


But if you don’t have a mascot, create a picture of anybody you deem suitable and customize it as your handmade bobblehead using your brand name, wear it a matching uniform of your brand color and give it a soothing smile.


Also, give your doll a comic attitude, and match it with a popular campaign you’re known for – be it a joke, record it as a message, or any other thing that customers know you for and incorporate it into the design of the handmade bobblehead.


That will be a smart way to promote your business using handmade bobblehead.


A Lasting Impression


Marketing gurus, particularly digital marketers, know so well that when promotional advertising is done properly, conversion increases which lead to sales.


In the same vein, using a handmade doll as a means of promoting your business can leave a lasting impression and in return, build your brand.


Start by customizing the bobbleheads and hand them out. Give customers to place them in their offices, to business associates that you value their relationship, and add them in press packs that you send to close media outlets.


Moreover, you can give them out at courses, public exhibitions, traditions and any other social occasion you can reach, and finally, as toys to kids; that way potential customers will see them and be convinced.


Others may even see it in the desk of their friends and want to pick it up, from there, you’re already creating buzz around your business.


A Secret Branding Weapon


An engaging advertisement is a great leader that ties a feeling to a product. When you devise a unique means of promoting your business, the effect, it brings last for a long time.


Handmade bobblehead is an ideal marketing tool because it connects your product to experience, and from experience, it turns fun in the eyes of customers.


It’s very hard not to smile when watching a person’s cartoon nod-nod-nod. Customers and potential customers will be amazed at your level of imagination.

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