Five Reasons Why Custom Bobbleheads are Great Gifts

Most times picking a gift for someone special isn’t always easy, especially when you intend to create memories or leave a strong impression in their lives. Often, we spend long hours in a gift store searching for what the recipient will appreciate and keep for a long time.

A customized bobblehead has an appearance that is capable of preserving memories and stirring up affection. Who wouldn’t smile at a mini version of himself or herself? 

The last time I received a customized bobblehead as a birthday gift, I smiled all day while looking at the mini-me, it was so beautiful, and I loved every bit of it.

What are Custom Bobbleheads

custom bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads are fun dolls designed based on customers’ demands. They are often customized with images requested by the purchaser. This gift item is widely accepted as promotional items, Christmas gifts, anniversary gifts, valentine’s gifts, wedding gifts, and lots more.

The possibilities of customizing these dolls are limitless as so many manufacturers have stepped up their game in creating high-quality bobbleheads based on customer’s demands.


Often when we have opportunities to present a gift to someone, we are faced with the challenge of choosing a gift item they will love, appreciate and remember. Custom bobbleheads have in so many ways proven to be a solution to these concerns as they are often valued by many. Here are five reasons why custom bobbleheads are great gifts:



Creativity is one of the qualities that has made custom bobbleheads stand out over time. While purchasing these fun dolls, you have a choice of customizing them with any image of your choice. All you need to do is send the photo you want to the store or give them a description when you don’t have pictures available. In most cases, the end results are always unique and unforgettable.


Custom bobbleheads can serve as a suitable gift item for family, friends, and customers on occasions like: 

  • Birthdays: Gifting a customized bobblehead during birthdays allows you to express your connection or relationship with the celebrant. You can create a doll that depicts the person’s clothing style, hairstyle, and facial features. Doing this will show them that you know them well enough.
  • Anniversary: Custom bobbleheads are memorable and lasting gifts for anniversaries. With a customized doll, you can create an image that reminds the celebrant of the particular event he wants to commemorate.
  •  Valentine Gifts: These fun dolls are also perfect during valentine. With plenty of hilarious designs to choose from, you can surprise your loved ones with a bobbleheads souvenir that can last a lifetime.
  • Christmas: The flexibility of custom bobbleheads makes them the perfect gift for the yuletide. Due to the wide variety of outlines available, these fun dolls have become prevalent during Christmas.
  • Retirement: This is always a crucial moment in the life of anyone celebrating this. To help them keep memories alive, you can create a custom bobblehead of them in their work attire or with their work tools. This gift will always put a smile on their face whenever they look at it.

A custom fun doll is a perfect gift for everyone; you can give it to couples, parents, siblings, children, and even your boss’s work. They are always accepted as a great gift.

custom bobblehead anniversary gift


Formerly manufacturers were creating bobbleheads with paper Mache, an inferior material that did not stand the test of time. When bobbleheads came up with its custom features, it wasn’t durable and flexible because of the low-quality material.

But today, it’s a different ball game as technology now allows manufacturers to create a replica of a person with durable materials like resin, plastic, or polymer clay.

Poly resin is widely used for producing bobbleheads as it combines flexibility with high durability. This is the material used for professional and industrial objects and will stand to pass the test of time.

They Are Versatile Gifts

Custom bobbleheads are a very versatile gift because:

  • They can be used in many atmospheres.
  • They are available in various sizes, designs and can be applied in different ways.

You can display a personalized bobblehead on your desk at work, shelve at home, or have them jiggling on your car dashboard. These fun dolls are not just ornaments. They can be used in several ways to add to the productivity of a product, such as cake toppers, wine bottle openers, and lots more.



With the advent of technology, you do not need to go out to order a custom bobblehead. From the comfort of your house or office, you can buy a fun doll from any online store. You can find a bobblehead doll on Google and select the one you appreciate most. Take your time to look for a high-quality store to ensure you get quality doll.

After that, you can place your order right away. You can check and review the blueprint form before it is printed. This step is essential, as it prevents minor mistakes and reduces dissatisfaction as much as possible.

Since you order it online, you don’t need any vehicular movement whatsoever. With your electronic devices (laptop or cell phone), the internet, and the picture you want to print as the bobblehead doll, you can purchase this gift.


Although online custom bobblehead stores have their unique ways of ordering dolls, their steps are often similar. The steps include:

  • Browse the internet and find a suitable online custom bobblehead store. 
  • Choose the design or body you want for your doll. 
  • Upload the photo you want to customize online through the store’s website or send it via email if there is no option to upload it online.
  • Upon receiving your photo, the store will create a blueprint of how the doll will look and send it to you. Check the design and revise it to your taste
  • Check and re-check the blueprint and ensure you are satisfied with the result. 
  • Confirm with the store your chosen blueprint result
  • Make your payment.
  • Wait for the delivery man to bring your custom bobblehead dolls to your doorstep.


Some gift items are costly, but you do not need to break the bank to purchase a custom bobblehead as they are cheap. With a few dollars, you can create a memorable gift for your friends and family.

Wrap up

Some gift items break; others may get old. But a good custom bobblehead is ageless. That’s one reason they’ve been around for centuries. A custom bobblehead can remind a couple of their wedding even after so many years of marriage. 

A quality bobblehead will not deteriorate, so there will be no need for repair. You’ll be doing both yourself and the recipient a good by choosing a gift that doesn’t require repair or upkeep. These are few reasons why custom bobbleheads make great gifts. If you want to surprise someone special, order today and see how custom bobbleheads stir up those smiles.

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