Bobbleheads Of Famous Celebrities – Where Can I Get them?

It is hard to find a person who doesn’t have a mentor or a superhero they admire. Whether you’re a comic freak or have a passion for movie and even love politics or sports, there is a special celebrity bobblehead doll that will catch your attention. Many people all over the world have inspired you at some point in your life. It could be an actor, a novelist, a politician, a sportsman, an entrepreneur or even a painter. When you see these people, it gives you great joy to remember how important they are and what value they have. They could be entertainers who are able to put a smile on your face or mentors who challenge you to think positively during tough times.

Fans will rush to buy different merchandise of their favorite popular actors, artists, and TV show personalities. They get to buy face caps t-shirts and even bobbleheads of their favorite public figure. This has made bobbleheads popular as they are today.

Other popular public figures do not draw as much attention as much as celebrities. If your mentor falls in the line of writers, scientists, or entrepreneurs you may not see any ready-made item to buy or even bobbleheads.

Also, other areas where fans get lots of gifts like bobbleheads from their mentors are athletes and politicians. Politicians sometimes use bobbleheads for their campaign and to attract more followers. Bobbleheads are popular in baseball sports. In fact, you will easily find a bobblehead of your favorite baseball player than any other celebrity.

Many times fans who are unable to get these bobblehead gifts directly from their favorite celebrities make them on their own.

Many suppliers can create custom bobbleheads of any celebrity you want but if you are looking for the best, then you should contact professionals like us. People have made custom bobbleheads of their favorite movie characters, Hollywood actors and musicians. These dolls are usually made with clay but you also find bobbleheads made with plastic, wood and ceramics. There are even 3D displays of bobbleheads that are being sold depending on what you want to get. The best part is you can attach them anywhere you want.

Here are some popular celebrities with interesting bobbleheads that are sold.

celebrity bobbleheads

Michael Jackson


Popular musician Michael Jackson was known for his great music and moonwalk dance. He has a bobblehead doll showing his moonwalk.


Barack Obama

Former United States President is not left out as a lot of his followers are happy to express their love for him with an interesting bobblehead. Barack Obama also has a bobblehead doll wearing a superman outfit.


Kate And William

The royal family is not left out of the bobblehead fun. The couple is seen together and looking closer you will notice a bulge on Kate’s stomach to show she has a baby growing there.


JC Chasez

JC Chasez is an American songwriter and was formerly a part of the popular boyband, BOBBLE’SYNC.


There are many other celebrities with custom bobbleheads. You can choose to create bobbleheads for your favourites other than the ones mentioned.

Aside from these popular celebrities, you can also make these artistic puppets for other public figures, specialists, and even those around you. It is interesting to have Will Smith, Barack Obama, Katy Perry and even Miley Cyrus sitting on your office desk. Bobbleheads are fun to have around. When you’re having a bad day at work, all you need to do is bob the head and laugh. They are not seen as a child’s toy and hold a lot of value to many people.


Why Do People Get Bobbleheads Of Celebrities?

Apart from the fact that fans love to see their favorite people all the time, there are other reasons people may have bought a popular celebrity bobblehead doll. One of the reasons could be that that is the only retail bobblehead they can have access to in their area. Most companies make bobbleheads as children’s toys so you may not have any choice to decide which one to get other than to buy the available options. The common bobbleheads you will find in children’s sections are game characters or sci-fi movie characters. It may be difficult to find a bobblehead of Taylor Swift in your neighborhood.


Also, another reason will be that even if you eventually get your favorite celebrity bobblehead in your area, it won’t suit what you want. If you want something different, you will need to get the bobblehead supplier to make certain changes that definitely out of their usual production.

In this case, you need to have a custom bobblehead made especially for you. You will need to invest a little additional cash to have a specially designed bobblehead doll made at your request.

Where Can I Make My Own Unique Bobblehead

You don’t necessarily need to go for the popular bobbleheads in the retail stores when you can have a good doll made with your photo and a bobbing head. You can make your custom bobblehead doll for yourself or to give as a gift to your friends and family. If you still want to have a custom bobblehead of a celebrity, you can get us to do a unique art for you.

The best part about having your custom bobblehead made is that it is original and you won’t find it outside. You can make your custom bobblehead one of a kind by contacting us.

You can tell our professionals what you need and if you want the doll to wear any specific look.

We are the best custom bobblehead suppliers you will find that can make you quality bobbleheads. You will get the best whether you want a superstar bobblehead or your own. You will find many options and choices of custom bobbleheads to make. You can call us in case you have any questions concerning what type of custom doll you want us to make for you. We have different types of dolls for weddings, birthdays, cars and any type of bobbleheads you may want.

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