Bobblehead Master’s Guide on Making a Bobblehead Step-by-step by Yourself

Custom bobbleheads have become quite popular during these years, people have become accustomed to customizing their own bobbleheads from various e-commerce platforms. Choosing the right bobblehead maker is also important, it will affect your experience throughout the shopping process. But today I’m not talking about how to choose the right bobblehead maker, in this article, our bobblehead master John will show everyone how to make a bobblehead doll from head to toe, if you want to learn how to create a bobblehead by yourself, I guess you’ll definitely like this guide.


Important Tools


  • Polymer Clay: Choose the right color polymer clay as per your skin color, clothes color and so on. Important tips: Choose these materials seriously since they cannot be re-dyed.


  • Scissors: Cut polymer clay.


  • Engraving pen: Help sculpt facial features and other parts


  • Carving knife: Help complete more refined details


  • Iron stick: Connect the base and body of bobblehead and fix the body.


  • Base: Easy to display bobbleheads in any place


  • Spring: connect the head and body


  • Glue: Connect the spring and head


  • Full body portrait photo


  • acrylic eyeballs


Head making

Head making is the most important part of bobblehead making since it needs professional skills to guarantee the best likeness.

Shape the Head as Per The Portrait

Choose a piece of clay that is close to the skin tone and shape the head as per the portrait. You can shape the clay into a suitable shape according to the shape of a person’s face, now we will take the making of Mr. Bean bobblehead as an example. Mr. Bean’s face is square, we can easily create his head within several minutes. After that, we need to sculpt the eye, nose and mouth using engraving pen.

Shape the Head as Per The Portrait of bobblehead


Hold the top of the engraving pen with your hand, and after engraving the facial features, start to engrave the details with the engraving knife.

 engrave the facial details with the engraving knife


Carve out facial details and dye


After carving out the prototype of the eye with a carving knife, fill the eye socket with acrylic eyeballs looks good, right? Now let’s dye his lips red and dye his eyelid black. But still look strange,

 draw his eyebrow of the bobblehead


we need to draw his eyebrow. Just cut two pieces of polymer clay using our scissors and press them on his forehead. And don’t forget to cut two pieces of clay to make his ears, after pinching the shape of the ear, use the engraving pen to draw the outline of the ear, then press them to his side face

 draw the outline of the ear


Final step of the head making, we need to find a piece of brown clay and cover it on top of Mr. Bean’s head, then use the sculpting pen to carve out the shape of the hair, that’s perfect, the head is successfully completed.

Make the body part

 Make the body part of the bobblehead

Body making is relatively easy but also requires patience, to make a perfect body, you need to prepare a long iron wire and bend it 180 degrees as well as one piece of polymer clay to shape the body.


Put the iron wire in the clay

 Put the iron wire in the clay

Put the iron wire in the middle of the clay and then bend the clay to wrap the iron wire. Do you know why these two wires are facing down? They are used to make the two legs! Just use some polymer clay to wrap the two wires and sculpt the shape of the foot. Using engraving pen to make details perfect.


Lets dress him


Next, let’s use black clay and brown clay to wrap the legs and feet respectively. We first cut the clay into the shape of a shirt, tie, suit. Wrap his body with a shirt, and then wrap a brown suit on the outside of the shirt


 dress the bobblehead

Connect his arm

Similar to the production of the body, let us connect the arm for him, and then use the carving pen to flatten the connection. Brown clay wraps his arms. Remember to leave white clay on the cuffs. This is the white shirt he wears.



 Connect his arm of the bobblehead


Complete the customized bobblehead

 Mr. Bean bobblehead

For a stationary bobblehead, we only need to connect the head and the body with just an iron wire. But if you want it bobble, you have to connect them with a string, and you have to apply glue on the top of the spring to make the spring better connect to the head.


Finally, let’s find a beautiful base for the bobblehead so that the bobblehead can be displayed in any place.


Can’t wait to make your own bobblehead by your self? Let’s start now, if you don’t want to make them by yourself, just check out our website and customize your own bobblehead now!

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