10 Things You Didn’t Know About Bobbleheads

The first bobbleheads recorded were designed after religious leaders centuries ago. Since then, Bobbleheads have been a huge part of most generations’ culture. From the pastoralist generations to the millennial age, these little bibelots haven’t wavered in popularity. However, there are a couple of things that you probably don’t know about these little knick-knacks. In our article today, we’re going to rip things that you probably didn’t know about bobbleheads

Revolutionized in the 19th century

Did you know that bobbleheads were revolutionized in the 19th century? Before the 19th-century, bobbleheads were few, and they used to be viewed as mere nodders that reserved aspects of pop culture history. But how were they revolutionized? In the 19th century, mass production of bobbleheads began. In addition, they started being manufactured using ceramics instead of paper mache’ and plastics, which means they could now last longer and could be easily used to create more memories, unlike in the past. Things could be better, bobbleheads engraving began during this period, which gave birth to the customized bobbleheads that we’re seeing today.

Designed to commemorate service and motivate

Let’s be honest. There are a couple of people in society who deserve respect and appreciation for the sacrificial deeds that they accord to human life. Bobbleheads are the best blend when it comes to crowning such heroes. Since time immemorial they have been used to commemorate public figures such as the great Budhi and many unsung heroes. In the late 1960’s they were used to appreciate baseball players and were designed to commemorate events such as the world series. Talented and exemplary players such as Mickey Mantle and Roger Marris were recognized by their fans using customized bobbleheads and this greatly helped them hasten up and maintain exemplary work in their positions. Similarly, customized bobbleheads can be used today to appreciate, and motivate an individual to pursue more goals and to spread love.

Bobblehead Souvenir at $36000

I know what you’re thinking about right there. A bobblehead at a whopping $36000? No way. But how could one spend such a huge amount on a simple gimcrack? Well, some bobbleheads come with value. Their value majorly comes from the events that led to their existence and with a good sum of money you could have one of the oldest priceless bobbleheads we’ve got around. In 2010, a Chinese pair of a husband and wife bobblehead that was designed in 1800, was sold at an auction at $35,925. This customized family bobblehead broke the previous record of the most expensive bobblehead and got recorded into the hall of fame to date.

Pop culture

Through the various designs that are depicted by the old bobbleheads, continuous practice and identity of their creators have been created in many human generations. Fortunately, the identity that has been created by the bobbleheads is the pop identity. Through the pricing of olden days bobbleheads in the current world, respect and recognition of pop culture are being passed on from one generation to another which keeps on building and expanding the pop culture.

The biggest bobblehead

I know, it wouldn’t make sense if we’d finish our article without recognizing the huge giant bobbleheads ever designed. Bobbleheads come in various sizes. They range from as little as five inches to fifteen feet. But Can you imagine having a towering bobblehead in front of your house? The tallest bobblehead produced is the Conan O’Brien bobblehead that was produced by the TBS talk show. Conan O’Brien towers over 17 feet and is located in Chicago, the United States of America. Other tall bobbleheads are the Giant Dog, Saint Benard, and game show host Chuck Woolery bobbleheads which measure 10.5 feet tall and 11 feet tall respectively.


Can you imagine these little modica have been recognized internationally and have triggered the establishment of a museum? Apart from websites such as this one, you can see your favorite bobbleheads at the Hall of Fame and Museum houses both physically and virtually through their website too. Their hall of fame and Museum is located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and houses over 10,000 diverse bobbleheads from all over the globe.

Green bag

Can you imagine a reward system using bobbleheads? Just like the golden boy awards that we’ve seen in football ceremonies? There’s a legal journal in the US that rewards its subscribers with great personalities bobbleheads to spearhead them to achieve more and continue working smart in their niches. Isn’t it a beautiful way of creating and storing memories? All prototypes awarded are also stored in Yale Law School’s archives, which even makes it more brilliant for bobblehead winners.

Popularity history

For ages, bobbleheads were little known to the other parts of the world. However, the pioneers of these little valuables tried to market them and bring them to the international arena, they always failed due to subtle reasons. But, in the 1960s, a breakthrough came for them when they were widely being used in sports and remembrance of national heroes in various countries and regions. However, this popularity got swept away in the 1970s due to the emergence of other remembrance ornaments and pieces of clothing. Later, a limited giveaway by the San Francisco Giants brought them back into the market in 1999 which breathed new life onto them to date.


Unlike many products in the current world, prices of bobbleheads vary from design to design and season to season. They could range from a few dollars for a local idol personality to a thousand for ostentatious and antique ones. On the other hand, their prices tend to increase when their demand is low and decrease when their demand is high. Their unpredictability has even led to the spawning of new businesses and customized bobbleheads sites.

First mention

Bobbleheads got their first book recognition in the mid-19th century by Nikolai Gogol. Nikolai’s short story “The Overcoat” described bobbleheads as a look-alike and believed that they originated from the 18th century


 Bobbleheads and their culture should be maintained in this current society at all costs. This is because they play an appreciation and motivation role in today’s society through various channels.

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