Grey Hoodie Boy Bobblehead



Hotshot your informal side with this fun man bobblehead in a grey hoodie. You can even attempt to persuade your acquaintances that you are moderate, and that is the reason more often they see you are dress in a similar grey hoodie and blue pants.

An appearance that is reasonable for everything from sitting on the couch and relishing some time to be a profoundly useless habitually lazy person, or despite what might be expected, one that shows that you are an energetic sprinter however simply don't have the correct running gear hitherto or have no yearning to wear it. Just the head is redone, and the body is made by the item pictures! Learn more here.


Our bobblehead artists will make your bobbleheads in 7-12 days if no revision is required. And the expedited orders will be 3-7 days.

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