Why Choose Us?


Unlike 95% of custom bobblehead makers out there. Since 2010, we’ve been using Polymer Clay for our 100 hand-made bobbleheads. Traditional bobblehead sellers use fragile and low quality resin plus machine made mould to “produce” your bobbleheads because they do not have any experienced bobblehead artists. Our bobblehead craftsmanship relies heavily on human rather than machine. So they cannot be mass-produced, there are no pre-made body bobblehead, all standard body bobbleheads on our websites are just for reference. After you placed an order, we will make your own bobblehead from head to toe, even you choose standard body bobbleheads. All our bobblehead artists have their own sculpt skills. Do you know how many bobblehead artists are needed to make a bobblehead? At least four! Each bobblehead artist is responsible for an independent process, such as making the head, making the body, painting, baking, etc. This is why a strict and orderly sculpt process is one of the most important ways to maintain our bobblehead’s overall quality.

8 reasons to choose

  • Free Proofing until you are satisfied

Proofing is always free when we are rendering our services to you, we want to be able to achieve 100% similarities between your image and your bobblehead doll. And if you want any addition or subtraction to the design of the bobblehead doll, our artist/sculptor is at your beck and call to assist you until you are satisfied.

  • Details are Important

We try as much as possible to strictly adhere to measurements and your preferences, preferences such as the edges of the face, the face jaw, the eyes, and the hair. Efficiency and effectiveness is what we abide by when considering your details.

  • Excellent Customer Service

We are very glad for our customer care service workers, they work day and night and are available 24/7 if you have any complaints or inquiries. They go the additional mile to address every one of your issues, ensuring you are kept informed on the making and processing of your bobblehead doll and that every detail you required for is implemented. They are prepared to assist you in the design of your doll as well.

  • The Quickest Turnaround and On-Time Delivery

Since we know your bobbleheads are special presents for a unique occasion, we give it our best shot to get them to you on schedule. We’ve heard many disappointing tales of how clients order for a bobblehead to be made for a special occasion, but it was not delivered on time, we always make sure that we deliver on time because your satisfaction is our satisfaction, and we would like you to come back for our services next time or refer us to clients.

  • The Original and the Best has been making bobblehead dolls for a long time, 98% of our clients will recommend us any time because of ingenuity and client satisfaction. Over 96% of our clients would prescribe us to a friend or family member, which is a good testimonial to our good services! We realize the most ideal approach to keep our business successful and growing is to give you a fantastic product and first-rate services.

  • Quality of Durable Material

Most bobblehead suppliers use polymer clay (which has been proven to give Bad Quality) and afterward, they prepare and shape the dolls with the polymer clay, you even can see the artist’s hand mark on the dolls, and the dolls are can be easily broken. This bobblehead doll will dry out and split following a year – all that cash you spend on making a bobblehead doll goes down the drain. In we use Poly Resin to make the bobbleheads poly resin will make the bobblehead doll strong and long-lasting without causing any crack or color fading of the doll, this is a similar material that we use in our retail bobbleheads.

We have an effective and efficient shipment division which keep in close touch with an internationally acclaimed global express organization like DHL, UPS, FedEx. What’s more, we will organize your delivery inside the time allotment you pick. Since we know your bobbleheads are for special occasions, we do our absolute best to get them to you on time.

  • Versatile Design Styles

We have more than 5000 design styles for you to choose from if you are not sure which design style best suit your bobblehead dolls our customer care is there to assist you in choosing the best style for your bobblehead doll, and it’s just $48.

  • Zero Risk on

When you get your bobblehead delivery, and you are not satisfied with the package, you can return it within 48 hours, and you can access your refund at little or no cost.

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