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What Are The Funniest Bobbleheads In The World?

Bobbleheads might be little in height, yet for some, they are no joking matter. Frequently made in the picture of a famous player as well as handed out by pro sports teams, bobbleheads are all over. They even have their own personal museum. There are bobbleheads prepared in the similarity of Presidents, Supreme Court Justices, and, indeed, even the Pope has one. On the whole, these ridiculous clay statuettes are intended for entertainment only – stick one on your vehicle's dashboard and view it's head bobble as you drive. Hitherto, there have been several bobbleheads that have been everything except fun....

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Bobblehead Master’s Guide on Making a Bobblehead Step-by-step by Yourself

Custom bobbleheads have become quite popular during these years, people have become accustomed to customizing their own bobbleheads from various e-commerce platforms. Choosing the right bobblehead maker is also important, it will affect your experience throughout the shopping process. But today I’m not talking about how to choose the right bobblehead maker, in this article, our bobblehead master John will show everyone how to make a bobblehead doll from head to toe, if you want to learn how to create a bobblehead by yourself, I guess you’ll definitely like this guide.   Important Tools   Polymer Clay: Choose the right color...

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Custom Bobbleheads- a Great Marketing Tool

Are you are seeking ways to provide a positive customer experience and at the same time boost your sales? Then you should be looking at custom bobbleheads. Custom bobbleheads are great tools you can use to promote your business and give customers a lasting impression. A promotional flyer of a business can only last a few minutes in the hand of a customer or prospective customer before landing in the trash, but most people would place a custom doll at strategic places where they can constantly look at them. When thousands of customers and potential customers are constantly being reminded...

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