When Is the Best Time to Buy Bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads have become a beloved collector’s item and a unique way to express your passion and fandom. Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, movie buff, or simply intrigued by these whimsical figurines, knowing when to buy bobbleheads can make a substantial difference in your collection. Timing can influence your options, prices, and the overall satisfaction of your purchase. In this in-depth guide, we’ll explore the best times to buy bobbleheads, covering important events, sales, and seasonal opportunities that can help you make the most of your collector’s journey.


Off-Season and Off-Peak Periods


One of the best times to buy bobbleheads is during off-seasons and off-peak periods. For sports-related bobbleheads, consider purchasing during the offseason when the demand for team merchandise is lower. This is usually between the end of a sports season and the beginning of the next. During off-peak periods, manufacturers and retailers may offer discounts and promotions to clear their existing inventory and make way for new releases. You can take advantage of these price reductions and save on your favorite sports or entertainment-themed bobbleheads.


Holiday and Special Occasion Sales 


Holidays and special occasions can be an excellent time to buy bobbleheads at discounted prices. Retailers often run sales and promotions during major holidays like Christmas, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. These sales may extend to bobbleheads, making it an ideal time to purchase gifts for loved ones or expand your own collection. Additionally, some bobbleheads are released as limited-edition holiday-themed collectibles, featuring characters and designs specific to certain occasions. These special releases can add unique pieces to your collection while celebrating your favorite holidays.


 Manufacturer and Retailer Promotions 


Manufacturers and retailers frequently run promotional campaigns to attract buyers. Keep an eye on their official websites, social media accounts, and newsletters for announcements about upcoming sales and discounts. Some manufacturers even offer exclusive bobbleheads or special editions during their promotional events, making it a great time to buy. Joining mailing lists and following your favorite brands on social media can help you stay informed about these opportunities. It’s worth noting that these promotions can occur at various times throughout the year, so staying vigilant can lead to significant savings.


Collector’s Conventions and Events 


If you’re a dedicated collector and enjoy connecting with other enthusiasts, consider attending collector’s conventions and events. These gatherings often feature exclusive bobbleheads, limited editions, and opportunities to buy rare and hard-to-find collectibles. You can meet fellow collectors, exchange insights, and explore a wide range of bobbleheads in one place. While some events may have entrance fees, the unique pieces and networking opportunities can make them an excellent occasion to buy bobbleheads and enhance your collection.


End-of-Season Clearance Sales 


When a sports season or a particular entertainment season concludes, retailers may hold end-of-season clearance sales to reduce their inventory. This is an ideal time to purchase bobbleheads related to that season, team, or show at discounted prices. Be on the lookout for these sales, which can occur in stores and online. While the selection may be limited to items associated with the concluding season, you can often find great deals on bobbleheads of your favorite athletes, characters, or celebrities.


 Anniversary and Milestone Celebrations 


Many franchises, sports teams, and entertainment properties celebrate significant anniversaries and milestones. During these commemorative periods, bobblehead manufacturers may release special editions that pay tribute to these events. These collectibles can become valuable additions to your collection and serve as a memento of the historical significance of the franchise or team. Keep an eye on the release schedules of your favorite bobblehead manufacturers to seize the opportunity when they commemorate important milestones.


Local and National Events 


Bobblehead collectors know that timing can be crucial when adding to their collection. Two of the most opportune moments to buy bobbleheads are during local and national events. Here’s why:


 Exclusive Themes: Events often feature bobbleheads with themes tailored to the occasion, be it a local sports team or a national holiday. These unique themes can make your collection more diverse and interesting.


 Limited Editions: Bobbleheads released during events are usually produced in limited quantities. This scarcity increases their desirability and potential future value.


 In-Person Experience: Attending the event and purchasing a bobblehead on-site adds a personal touch to your collection. It allows you to connect with the experience and memory associated with the event.


Support Local Teams: Buying local team-themed bobbleheads at events is a great way to show your support for your favorite teams and athletes.


Souvenirs: National events often offer bobbleheads as souvenirs, making them a unique memento of the occasion.


In summary, Keep an eye out for these special releases at your favorite events and make your bobblehead collection even more special.


Pre-Ordering and Early Bird Offers 


Again, If you’re a bobblehead enthusiast, you might wonder when the best time to expand your collection is. The answer is clear: pre-ordering and early bird offers. Here’s why:


Exclusive Collectibles: Pre-ordering often grants access to limited edition bobbleheads that may not be available later. These exclusive pieces can become valuable additions to your collection.


Cost Savings:  Early bird offers frequently come with discounted prices or bundled deals. By taking advantage of these promotions, you can save money while securing coveted bobbleheads.


Guaranteed Availability: Some bobbleheads have a high demand and limited production runs. Pre-ordering ensures you won’t miss out on your favorite collectibles due to low stock.


Surprise Releases: Manufacturers occasionally surprise collectors with unique pre-order incentives, such as variant color schemes or accessories, adding even more value to your purchase.




Timing is a crucial factor in making the most of your bobblehead collection journey. By strategically choosing when to buy, you can save money, discover unique and limited-edition bobbleheads, and enrich your collection with items that hold special meaning. Be proactive in monitoring sales, promotions, and events related to your interests, and you’ll maximize the joy and satisfaction that your bobbleheads bring to your collection or display. Stay alert to opportunities, follow your favorite brands, and remember that sometimes the best time to buy a bobblehead is when the stars align with your passion and enthusiasm. Happy bobblehead collecting!

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