Tips to make custom bobbleheads

Custom bobbleheads are an excellent way of sending proof that you have a dedication to someone or even a team. Moreover, purchasing a custom bobblehead is an excellent way to show support without the worry and hassle of wasting money on unnecessary marketing. But did you know how custom bobbleheads are made? Well if you had no idea, you better grab a pen and your coffee and read along. Fast forward, stay close, and read along as subtitle three will blow your mind.


Can you imagine having a piece of bric-a-brac that reminds you about your organization or your dedication toward something? Similarly, For a special someone or something, there are many ways to evoke such feelings through customizing their bobbleheads. using a logo is one of them. To begin with, a logo depicts solidarity and sends flattering love to our target subjects. Besides, it shows compassion, agility to be part of, and love in a stance that makes people feel connected to us. Therefore, if you embrace the use of a logo or someone’s signature in your custom bobblehead it will ensure that your custom figurine delivers an exact message that can for sure bring a smile to their faces.


The second tip in delivering a mouth-watering bobblehead will sort out those who have no idea where to begin. If you don’t have a clue where to begin, I’d suggest you begin with the picture of the person you intend to reward. Here’s why? Making a custom bobblehead heavily relies on one’s physical features. Therefore, Beginning with one’s photo delivers a magical wielding power right onto the maker’s hands. Choose a photo from that family member, friend, or celebrity. Also if you want to give a bobblehead to personalities that are general sports enthusiasts, figure out their idols and match their desire with photos that they best resonate with. It’s also worth noting that most companies allow you to use an existing picture or create a custom one based on a picture.


If you’re still unsure of the likely outcome, you can try searching for an online site such as this one that allows you to upload a picture of the team or the person you want to give a customized bobblehead. Lots of sites offer templates for pre-creating custom bobbleheads, but most will let you choose from a wide array of designs and bodies. Notwithstanding the customized design you chose, you’ll be sure to find out one that stands out.

Hello. How about curving an occasion into your bobblehead? Isn’t that a great way to add a whimsy touch to your custom bobblehead? Most online stores have designs making it even a lot easier to choose your preferred occasion. Better still, you can only show up with a photo of the person you’re looking forward to rewarding so that you engrain the whole occasion.

 But how about those who want to come up with their little knick-knacks in the comfort of their homes? Do they have to undergo the same hassle of looking for a molder and a designer? Not! Here’s a little breakdown of how you can actually save the struggle and long wait for your custom bobbleheads. To begin with, you have to gather tools.


Gathering Tools

Just like any other creative endeavor, this is the key step to crafting a perfect custom bobblehead. Here is a comprehensive list to craft your preferred custom bobblehead. First things first you have to have polymer clay. Usually, polymer clay stands as the foundation material for the bobblehead plus its pliability and different arrays make it the perfect medium for delivering the perfect outcome that you’d wish for. Moreover, you have to have the right tools beside you as you begin the molding work. Such instruments could come in various shapes and sizes to evoke variety in your curving. Examples include molding pots, acrylic paints, and artist brushes. These tools will help you shape and detail your creation.

You want stable bobbleheads, I’d bet. But how do you figure that out? Well, that is where the armature comes in.. to give your bobblehead structure and stability, I’d advise you to create an armature using wire or another sturdy material because an armature provides some skeletal framework that will support your sculpted masterpiece. It’s also worth noting that acrylic paints are the ideal choice for coloring your bobbleheads. A variety of brush sizes too will facilitate both intricate details and broader strokes that will vanish and seal your bobbleheads.


Designing your bobbleheads


But how about designing your little bobblehead? Here are a few tips that will help you envision design. First, you sketch your vision design on paper. This initial step will help you plan the size, shape, and features of your bobblehead. Besides, it will help you design the theme and the character you wish to immortalize. Secondly, you want to mind the proportions of your bobblehead. First to ensure the looks are aesthetically appealing and pleasing and second to ensure they have an enhancing bobbling effect. To add on, you’d accessorize with care i:e if your design includes accessories such as glasses, props, or even hats.


Building your bobblehead


Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and embark on the creative journey of crafting your custom bobblehead. Here’s a step-by-step guide:First, forge the Armature: Begin by shaping your chosen armature material, be it wire or an alternative sturdy option. Mold it to resemble the basic body structure of your bobblehead, securing it firmly to the base to ensure stability.

Secondly, Sculpt the Head and Body: Using polymer clay, sculpt the head and body separately, commencing with the head. Pour your attention into details like facial features, hair, and attire. This is the phase where your artistic vision takes shape.


In addition, you ought to marry the Components: Once both the head and body are meticulously sculpted and have undergone the requisite curing or baking process, it’s time to unite them. Carefully attach the head to the body, seamlessly blending the seams to create a smooth and harmonious transition.

 The Crucial Curing Phase: Place your soon-to-be bobblehead on a baking sheet, adhering to the temperature and duration guidelines specified for your chosen polymer clay. After baking, allow it to cool entirely before proceeding.

Painting Your Masterpiece: The canvas is now ready for color. Employ acrylic paints to breathe life into your bobblehead. Start with a base coat and progressively add layers, allowing each to dry before proceeding. This step entails meticulous attention to detail as you impart character and vibrancy to your creation.

Protective Finish: Once the paint is dry and your bobblehead emanates vibrancy, apply a clear varnish or sealer. This protective coat not only safeguards your creation but also imparts a polished, glossy finish.

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