Polymer Clay Bobbleheads vs Resin Bobbleheads Craftsmanship: All You Need to Know

Bobblehead is a little statuette with a king-size head connecting to a cartoonish body by way of a spring. Other than bobbleheads, it is additionally entitled bobblehead doll, bobbing head doll, bobbles, nodder, or else wobbler.

The appellation of bobble was taken from the component of the ‘bobbing’ head. It’s tremendously famous oversea, particularly in North America since it’s full of life, amusing, eye-catching, exceptionally customized as well as noteworthy besides more than 10 million custom bobbleheads are made as Christmas presents each year.

Given the solid similarity and clever animation like faces, it’s generally acknowledged as a souvenir to avid supporters. Its fame along with being acquainted with an ever-increasing number of locales as joke endowments or for advertising intent.


Bobbleheads have been in presence for over 150 years, and over this spell, a wide range of materials have been utilized to construct them. The most primitive identified bobbleheads are accepted to have originated from China, as well as they were prepared to utilize a one of a kind blend of clay and mud.


Astonishingly, a few of them are supposed to have lasted in any event, for a long time. Throughout the later years, a wide range of materials was tested, and at present, the majority of bobbleheads are made out of customary materials such as polymer clay, polyresin, and to a lesser degree, terracotta.

Let us examine the two notable sorts of materials that are being utilized in the creation of custom bobble heads:

Polymer Clay Made Custom Bobbleheads
  • Polymer Clay

Because of the significant expense of polyresin, it’s not the most ideal decision for making single pieces. Rather, polymer clay is utilized for making single bits of bobbleheads.

Polymer clay is prepared for a material named PVC (polymer polyvinyl chloride) and encompasses no clay materials by any means. It’s purported as a result of its properties that are like that of solidified clay. Subsequently, it’s stress-free to work with, for artisans as well as sculptors.

Much the same as clay, it is simple to blend hues in it, and it holds its shape for eternity. It can likewise take a great deal of heat, and this is the reason it tends to be extended to make a structure. Notwithstanding, it can’t have indistinguishable itemized highlights from that of polyresin.

Besides, certain health & safety concerns are encompassing it, and this is the cause numerous custom bobblehead organizations offer to work just with polyresin regardless of whether it charges more for you.

  • Polyresin

Polyresin, a resin composite, is the most broadly utilized material for formulating bobbleheads. This material is utilized for making a wide scope of models, puppets, and more since they are for all intents and purposes unbreakable. Further, it gets supple when heated; therefore artists can extend it to make any bobblehead.

Moreover, polyresin lends well to nitty-gritty work, therefore craftsperson can include as much beautification or detail to a bobblehead desirable. One more benefit with this material is that it tenders a sheen, like a fiberglass, and this forms the bobblehead look fresh for quite a while. It can similarly take a great deal of wear and tear to keep going forever.

Because of these reasons, polyresin is a well-known selection of material for crafting bobbleheads. In any case, polyresin is costly, and subsequently, is generally perfect for mass orders.

To put it plainly, bobbleheads are produced using three distinct materials; however, polyresin along with polymer clay are the main picks you’ll have on the grounds that terracotta is solely accessible just in the south-Indian city of Tanjore.

Polymer Clay Bobbleheads Vs Resin Bobbleheads Craftsmanship

  • Polymer Clay

With the arrival of the single piece customized bobbleheads, a material desired to be distinguished that could be utilized to reasonably make the single pieces that folks wanted. The material that has been generally utilized in the industry is polymer clay.

While ‘clay’ is utilized for the sake of polymer clay, it doesn’t comprise any clay materials. It gets its title more from the clay-like characteristics that it has. Equally, as with any clay material, it is exceptionally sculptable, functional as well as very cheap.

As a matter of fact, anybody can walk into any art & crafts store and buy polymer clay on the rack. In the event that you are hoping to have single-piece custom bobbleheads made, odds are that your item will be produced using polymer clay.

  • Polyresin

Polyresin is a profoundly adaptable composite resin compound. It has been utilized for a long time to make dolls, sculptures, and models. With its exceptionally adaptive attributes, it takes into consideration the completed item to be extremely detailed in all facets of the outline. The potency of polyresin is additionally truly alluring.

At the point when utilized in the creation of these products, the outcome is long-lasting, the majority of the mass delivered custom bobbleheads that you see available or at giveaways at baseball, arenas are prepared with polyresin material.

Which Is Sounder?

As referenced, polyresin is an entirely tough, adjustable material and is tremendously durable, yet is very pricey. In the event that searching for single piece customized bobbleheads, one piece could cost you roughly $200.

With polymer clay, you will get similar customization however to the rate of structure quality. Suppose you made a sculpture utilizing clay that you bought from your local arts & crafts store. It will solidify after some time; though will at present have some suppleness. The expense of polymer clay custom bobble heads is in the area of $100.

Additionally, since polymer clay shapes with the completed item, therefore its shading is the shade of the clay, which makes the end product a more brilliant, genuine 3D similarity as well as higher excellence. On the other hand, whenever prepared with poly resin clay, they bake and mold the figurines, and afterward apply paint — and that is your puppet.

What it arrives at you is: do you need a long-lasting item or one that will cost less cash however it is really more dazzling, genuine 3D similarity along with higher value? The previous resembles a stone with little worth whereas the later one will offer you much worth though it is a tad fragile as an Easter egg.

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