How to Avoid Bobblehead Scam?

Avoid scams while purchasing your bobble head


Why do people make a bobblehead? A bobble head can be the best gift for everyone, according to our data, nearly 90% customers order bobbleheads as gifts in 2019. Some customers order them as Valentine's Day presents, some order them as birthday gifts. More people order them as Christmas gifts.

The purpose of people purchasing bobbleheads

Gifts are items that are exchanged between people in order to express blessings and feelings or to show friendship in social interaction. A gift is a carrier that conveys information, emotions, and wishes to the recipient. Gifts are also used to celebrate holidays or important days, such as Valentine's Day roses or birthday gifts, and must be given.

Now, please imagine: What if some bad merchants don’t deliver your order on time? What if they even don’t answer your Email?  What if you even won’t get refund? Today, I will talk about how to avoid scams when purchasing your bobbleheads.

Find their company address on their websites

A verified merchant should have an address or a phone number, if they don’t have an address, who knows where they are from? If you can’t find any address on their websites, just be aware! You will probably get scammed when order on that website.


Whether they have official email address

An online store is a serious business. Everyone should have an email address with their domain. Such as Some bad merchant may use free mailboxes like Gmail, outlook mail. Just pass them when you consider to purchasing a bobblehead.

Whether they answer your email

A good merchant must have a great customer service, if they even don’t answer your email, they are more likely to be scams.


What if I have already been scammed?

If you have already got scammed, just contact your PayPal or Credit Card company to make a dispute, but it’s hard to get your money back, because the bad merchant may have transfer your money to their personal bank account.

Why choose

As you can see, we started our business in 2010. Ten years past, we are doing the best customer service all the time. And you can always acquire the best shopping experience all the time. We will give you unlimited proofs before you are 100% satisfied.



Avoid bobblehead scam before order is essential. No one would like their Hard-earned money get scammed. Just be careful when you make your own  bobblehead.

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